If you already bought or are thinking of buying cryptocurrencies, you have surely asked yourself: “Where do I keep it?” First of all, it is important that you understand that your cryptocurrencies are associated with an address and not an app. You will be able to access them from any device or software, as long as you remember your private key. In fact, if you travel with your key on a piece of paper, your cryptos will travel with you. However, it doesn’t sound like a very safe method, does it?

If you buy and trade cryptocurrencies, you will want a hardware wallet or a crypto wallet that will allow you to store cryptos in a simple and secure way, as well as to make and receive payments. It is very important to choose a suitable wallet that meets your needs.


Ledger is a very good option when it comes to hardware wallets or physical cryptocurrency wallets. This brand has two devices: Ledger Nano S, which costs €59), and Ledger Nano X, which is €119.

➡️ Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet that will allow you to safely manage your crypto assets with 3 to 20 applications. Besides, it has the highest standards in terms of safety.

➡️ Ledger Nano X is a top tier hardware wallet by Ledger. It comes with Bluetooth, allowing you to keep your encryption assets safe wherever you go. In addition, it has better capacity than Ledger Nano S, allowing you to store up to 100 applications (BTC, ETH, etc.), and enables cutting edge security with a certified secure chip, like that of passports.


Trezor offers hardware wallets or physical cryptocurrency wallets that enable both storing crypto assets and making and receiving secure digital payments. In fact, they are considered the most secure cryptocurrency wallets.

Trezor devices are compatible with computers (Linux, Windows 8 and later or macOS 10.11 and above) and smartphones (Android). It also has two models, Trezor One for €59 and Trezor Model T, which you can get for €180.29.

➡️ Trezor One is the safest hardware wallet in the world offering unmatched security in password and crypto management. In addition, it is very easy to use, and comes with a small screen and two physical buttons.

➡️  Trezor Model T is truly a next gen hardware wallet. Designed considering the original user experience, it has a much more modern and intuitive interface thanks to the touch screen. It also has a much faster CPU and offers advanced coin support.

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